Contextual Promotions allow you to display relevant promotions to the content being viewed on the screen.

Got an event? Simply create a promotion (such as a discount for early booking) and using our simple and inutive system, you can have this promotion, link or even a sign-up of booking form display next to your event.

Contextual Promotions can be organised and driven by any number of criteria, from whether a user is logged in defining whether of not he is displayed the merits of signing up to your newsletter or service, through to the presentation of related content, products, similar items, or advertisments and promotions tailored to his particular declared interests. 

At its most simplistic we give you the ability to run multiple promotions that can be assigned to a particular location on your website. However if you would like to automate this process or make it more efficient and better targetted, we offer a range of supporting services and enhancements that will allow you to deliver your message to a specific demographic of your audience.

For businesses with multiple services, that depend on cross promotions, events led organisations. This is an essential tool in your site's arsenal.

It might interest you to know that the "Contextual Promotions" service is contextually promoted in upwards of 10 different locations accross

We can offer you a range of different approaches including:


Taxonomy driven systems: which define the how to display content over multiple locations and in what formats.

Custom made Promotional Blocks: which can be toggled on or off for promotions accross wide sections of a website.

Content Associations: simply add text and define where its displayed - which is most similar to Google's Ad Words for websites.

Automated Link Generation: allowing you to group and bundle up related content and provide sub-sections of a website dedicated to a website or topic.


Every business is different and the approach and way that customers interact with each one is unique. Therefore we customise our Promotional features to optimise the way you can most effecitvely promote and serve your business's customers. 

If you'd like to know more about how we can we can make your business more successful. Please contact us.

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